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Heavy Duty Brake Service

The most important part of your drive is the ability to stop. Brakes can fail, it just comes with the territory. Contact Iron Creek Truck & Trailer, we know your brake system inside and out.

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The braking systems of heavy duty on road equipment are subject to a lot of heat and extensive continued pressure. With this prolonged heat and pressure, your heavy on road equipment’s brakes can fail, it just comes with the territory. Thankfully, at Iron Creek Truck & Trailer, our expert team can handle all of your heavy on road equipment brake repairs. For commercial, private and agricultural heavy on road equipment brake repairs, there is only one place to be - Iron Creek Truck & Trailer. With our team of expert technicians and advanced technology, you can have confidence that your heavy on road equipment is in the best hands possible for the brake repairs that you need. 

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What brake issues are you experiencing?

As stated earlier, heavy equipment brake problems can occur at any time because of how hard they are used on a daily basis. While there is a whole list of preventative measures that the operator can take to prolong the life of their brake systems, things can happen out there on the job. In order to repair your brake system properly, it is essential that the problems are diagnosed properly. At Iron Creek Truck & Trailer, we have the specialized diagnostic software and the experienced technicians that are necessary to pinpoint the issues that our clients are having with their heavy on road equipment brakes. While there is an entire list of brake problems that can arise, more commonly, timing or balance issues will be present. 

Timing Problems

Most heavy duty trucks have braking systems that are supposed to apply and release in order with the rear brakes first followed by the front. This is a braking system commonly seen on tractor-trailers. When tractor brakes apply first, or with more force, the trailer could bump against the tractor, causing stability problems, or at least causing the tractor brakes to do more of their share of the work in stopping the truck. In this case, if the trailer brakes aren't releasing as quickly as they should, it could compromise control in a skid. This instance would be considered a brake timing problem. 

Balance Problems

In an ideal situation, all of the wheels on your heavy duty on road equipment will share the load of the braking. This would be considered a well-balanced braking system. Sometimes however, balance issues can occur due to mismatched air fittings or hoses, a malfunctioning brake actuator, or even kinks in the hoses or blockages in the valves. If you were to notice your truck pulling distinctly to the one side or the other, this can indicate that you have a balance problem in your braking system. 

For all of your braking system repair needs, choose Iron Creek Truck & Trailer today. Let our team of technicians diagnose the issue and utilize our advanced tools and equipment to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Click here to find our contact information or get in touch with our team today.

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