DPF Delete for Caterpillar C7 Engine

The Caterpillar C7 engine powers many different vehicles including large buses, fire trucks, tow trucks, box trucks, and even Ditch Witch machines. This engine is so successful because it was designed to run for long periods of time without failing or stopping in most circumstances.

The Caterpillar C7 engine powers many different vehicles including large buses, fire trucks, tow trucks, box trucks, and even Ditch Witch machines. This engine is so successful because it was designed to run for long periods of time without failing or stopping in most circumstances.

However, one of the most common problems with the Cat C7 engine involves the Diesel Particulate Filter system (DPF) maintenance requirements. The DPF filters the exhaust gas flow from the diesel engine to remove harmful exhaust gas pollutants, such as Nitrogen Oxides and particulate matter. 

To avoid complications with DPF, some people may opt to remove it using the help of a DPF delete kit. Here is more information about DPF Delete for Caterpillar C7 Engine. 

How Does a DPF Work in a Caterpillar C7 Engine? 

In most diesel engines, a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is installed near the exhaust manifold. This device works by collecting soot from exhaust gases before it leaves your vehicle's tailpipe.

Once soot accumulates in your DPF, it needs to be cleared out before your engine can run at peak performance. Manufacturers recommend changing your soot filter once 100,000 miles. 

What is a DPF System Delete

While a DPF plays an important role to reduce pollution in diesel engines, sometimes it can become a problematic component, especially during its cleaning. Regeneration, the cleaning process of a DPF, is a complicated procedure that requires high temperatures which are sometimes hard to achieve. 

To reach these temperatures, vehicles need to run at a constant speed of 45 miles per hour for more than 45 minutes. This cleaning process should be done after about 300 miles. 

If regeneration is not done correctly, it can cause clogging in the DPF. Clogging is another problem that not only affects the filtration system but also damages the engine, resulting in other costly repairs. To avoid all these problems, fleet owners can decide to remove the Diesel Particulate Filter system (DPF). 

Benefits of DPF Removal

Deleting your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) for your Caterpillar C7 engine may seem like an unusual choice, but there are actually some very practical reasons you may want to do it. Here are five benefits of deleting DPF on your C7 engine.

Improved Fuel Economy

By deleting your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), you can be able to boost your fuel economy by 5% or more. While this system is designed to catch soot from your diesel engine, too much soot accumulation can lead to a clogged filter. This increases backpressure that largely disturbs and slows down the fuel flow. 

Reduced Maintenance Cost

When you delete your engine’s DPF, it will require less cleaning. That means less downtime, reduced maintenance costs, and minimal wear on critical components. 

Plus, depending on your area of operation, you may be able to avoid paying costly fines or skipping out on lucrative contracts because of strict environmental laws regarding emissions limits.

Increased Horsepower

A DPF blocks certain exhaust fumes from leaving your engine while it’s idling. When you delete this device, you allow your vehicle’s engine much easier breathing time. It doesn’t have to deal with issues like pressure-regulating and soot collecting. This in turn increases your truck’s horsepower, making it run more efficiently. 

Improved Durability 

By deleting your diesel particulate filter, you not only regain power and improve fuel economy, but also protect your engine and increase its lifespan. DPF deletes have been proven to boost an engine’s lifespan by protecting it from particulate matter. When a particulate filter clogs, so do your engine.

How is a Caterpillar DPF Deleted?

To delete DPF, you need a DPF delete kit. This kit helps to remove a DPF system that has collected so much debris and soot that it has clogged. It configures your engine in such a way that it can work without relying on a DPF. 

A DPF delete kit comes with two major components, including an exhaust and a tuner. While the main purpose of the tuner is to configure the engine to work without a PDF, the exhaust replaces that DPF system. 

A complete kit also comes with bolts that make it easy for you to fit it on your truck. When buying this kit, ensure that it is compatible with your truck. What’s more, consult your mechanic to see if there could be any other problems that might result from deleting your DPF. 

Can You Complete a DPF Deletion Without a Tuner?

While you can delete a DPF without a tuner, the procedure is not highly recommended. Since most DPF systems come with trucks equipped with the latest technology and sensors, deleting the device without a tuner can cause malfunction. 

In case the fault extends to the engine, it might also affect the functionality of the whole vehicle, further costing you a lot in repair costs. Moreover, you might not enjoy the benefits that come with DPF Deletion such as fuel efficiency and high performance. 

Are There Legal Constraints to DPF Removal for Caterpillar C7 Engine? 

Having a DPF in your truck is a compulsory requirement from EPA to control pollution. The device filters soot and harmful gases that may escape into the environment. For this reason, a DPF system delete may be illegal. 

Though many people have managed to discreetly remove this device from their vehicle’s engines, you might be required by law to pay a huge fine when caught. 

DPF deletion is mainly recommended for off-road tuning. The restrictions may also vary from province to province. Therefore, you may have to check local laws before making any modification to your truck’s emission system. 


For many truck drivers and fleet owners, using a diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a requirement. However, this system can be costly to maintain and cause efficiency issues for most Caterpillar C7 engines. If you are experiencing trouble with your Cat’s DPF, the good news is that you can delete it. 

Are you looking to delete your truck’s DPF in Daysland, Alberta, and her environs? Our experts at Iron Creek Truck & Trailer can help. We offer highly reliable DPF and EGR delete services, together with custom ECM tuning. 

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