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Iron Creek Truck & Trailer is accepting applications for Heavy Equipment Technicians (On Road)  or any year of Apprentice Heavy Equipment Technician. As well, we are more than willing to have a look at bringing on technicians from other disciplines who want to make the switch into the heavy truck and trailer industry, (Such as Heavy Equipment Off Road, Ag Technician, Automotive)

This job is located in Daysland, and would be particularly suited to residents of Flagstaff county, South Beaver County, Eastern side of Camrose County, or even North end of Paintearth County.

If you are a Heavy Duty Tech, you already know this is a tough job, and talented technicians are in high demand. This is what we are offering that may make us a good fit for you:

- No Shift Work!  We work 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, with an hour for lunch, and 2 paid coffee breaks. No weekends, no evenings. However, if you are feeling the need for some extra cash there is almost always overtime available.

- 6 bay shop. Tired of freezing in the winter in challenging locations? Or getting soaked in the rain, or baking in the direct sun on a 30 degree day? How about a nice clean, warm, well organized shop to keep things as comfortable as possible while you work!

- Clean and Organized. We all know how a lot of shops can be dirty, cluttered and disorganized places and this can really affect your outlook and mood. Often tasks become more challenging because nothing is where it's supposed to be, and when you do find what you are looking for it's broken or dirty! We actively, aggressively work to maintain a standard above average for the conditions in our shop.This job is hard enough without additional and unnecessary challenges.

- Respect. You aren't just a number here, we care for the people that work for us, and we feel that your success is our success. Of course we want to turn a profit, but we also recognize that our employees are the foundation of our business.

- Better than average remuneration for the trading area. We might be just a medium size shop far away from urban centers, but that doesn't mean we don't compete with the big guys paywise. Rural living doesn't have to mean a compromise to the paycheque. Our benefits are pretty good too!

- Location! If you are within commuting distance in the rural areas surrounding Daysland, it might just be the shorter commute or direction that makes sense for you.

- Safety. We prioritize the safety of our people over all else. All safety gear is provided, along with a clean pair of coveralls daily, and safety concerns with any given task are discussed thoroughly to mitigate risk.

- Tooling and Equipment. We don't just "make do" at our facility. We have all the same specialty tooling and electronic service equipment that the dealers have, plus the repair guides and technical data for all the makes and models we work on.

- Steady, predictable income. We are busy almost all of the time, so there's no wondering if the next paycheque is going to cover the payments and grocery bill. 40 hours a week, pay cheque every 2 weeks, as it should be

Job Details

At our facility we specialize in all aspects of heavy on road truck and trailer repair, and the job description for a heavy duty tech at our location is repair work, inspection and maintenance on heavy on road trucks and trailers. There is a niche for everyone, if you are someone who prefers to stay general and have a variety of work on a daily basis, we can accommodate that. If you are someone who prefers to specialize in engine work, or drivetrain, that works just fine for us too. We get everything in here from 1 ton hot shot pickups to 80 foot long tandem tridem service rigs, so there is a wide variety of work to keep things interesting. There is a wide range of knowledge available from the crew that is already here, so we can get anyone up to speed to perform the tasks required within our scope of work, whether you are coming from another truck shop, or making the leap from another technical specialty. As with most shops you will need to provide your own set of hand tools and tool box, but we provide all of the heavy equipment required to perform the work.

We run weekdays only, 8am to 5 pm, with an hour for lunch, and paid coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon. Work is assigned according to skill level or specialty. Tasks are anticipated to be performed at a steady and sustainable pace,completed within reasonable industry standard times, and it is expected for each tech to provide a brief write up after each task is completed listing any challenges that may have interfered with completing said task in the expected time frame, or any other relevant data for the customer. Quality and value are the cornerstones of our business, so we push hard to make sure that things are done correctly first and foremost, and secondly in a reasonable amount of time. We always hope that our people care about the job and the customer, and take pride in the work they turn out.

Key Requirements

The only specifics we are looking for beyond the obvious mechanical skill set that would be expected for your experience and time in the trade,(whether you are a first year with only a few months in the trade, or a 10 year journeyman), is a positive outlook and attitude, with the desire to perform quality work in a reasonable time frame.

Iron Creek Truck & Trailer is committed to equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination for all employees and qualified applicants without regard to a person's race, color, sex, gender identity or expression, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, marital status, or any characteristic protected under applicable law.

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